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ZeroSupervision: 1st Edition

The Gratuitous Philosophies of a Fictional Woman

I designed this book with the idea to provide a more fleshed-out expression of my sexy/wholesome cartoon drawings. The result is a book that is definitively for adults, yet reads like a kids book. In combining soft, but exciting imagery and some encouraging thoughts, you might find it's just what the doctor ordered! Britney Bright is a character I spent a few months drawing. I feel she's the perfect protagonist to deliver the message of self-reliance, self-love, and appreciation for life's subtleties.

The physical book at a mere 24 pages is a delightfully easy read. The 5x8" size makes it effortless to slip into your purse, bag or throw it on the coffee table. Its cover has an unassuming and innocent vibe, allowing you to enjoy its contents with excitement, but without prying eyes. 👀 Unless of course, you are compelled to share!


Tap or hover and use the arrows to turn the page!

$29.99 CAD (shipping included)

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