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Wholesome Sexy

Pencil on watercolour paper. Scanned and coloured with a tablet pen.

Sex is a creative force. When it's focused properly, it can be invigorating, healing, and inspirational.

In this work, I use sexual inspiration as a power to motivate and heal. I like to portray something of what a young man feels the first time he witnesses an undressed woman in person. These feelings can include reverence, awe, captivation, appreciation, lust, and excitement. The body/self-images of women have faced a lot of distortion in culture. I think that most women want to be valued, respected, and revered. My intent with these drawings is to portray a radiance apparent in the women with whom I fall in love. I can say that this can happen anywhere and any time. Furthermore, I want to take a common form of objectification and re-infuse it with the idea of the full person. Not long ago, children's fairy tale books included adorable naked ferries and other such characters. My images study the idea of an integrated sexual/spiritual relationship and the beautiful light of feminine vibrance. In sharing these, I intend to help shape a new narrative around positive self/sexual identities. 

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  • Surrender

    "Is it still entrapment if I am surrendering?" There is beauty and grace in surrender. Allowing ourselves to let go of control can welcome new sensations that can make us feel alive.

  • Aim for the Stars

    Relax into life, into reality, and into your dreams. Sexuality is a powerful creative force and we are meant to be comfortable on our bodies. Look to the stars and fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be!

  • Body Language

    "Words are limiting...I express with body language."

  • Little Distractions

    "Some say that I'm distracted...Yet, others say I am enlightened."

  • Change

    "Don't get hung up on things...just keep on changing!"

  • Best Days

    "The best day comes wrapped in a cozy towel."

  • No Pants

    "Dear work, Sorry but I could NOT find my pants today!" xo

  • Table Positions

    "Top players know their table positions!"

  • Suspension 2

    "...but it was just a suspension!"


    I'm NOT being LAZY... I am meditating!


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