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Inbox Ticklers

I have a few email newsletters that go out weekly, each with its own flavour and designed for your enjoyment. Click any of them to find out more and sign-up.

The Viewsletter

A weekly dose of photos, moments, and thoughts I share while meandering amidst the natural wonders of (mostly) British Columbia Canada.

The Museletter

And start enjoying all the finer things in life. The Museletter is a weekly email with drawings depicting the sexy, cheeky (often NSFW) and often wise philosophies of untamed women.

Da Coosletter

Da Coosletter (featuring Pidgin Quixote) is here to ruffle your feathers with pigeons and puns. Each week you will receive a graphic of da bird and a word. Quixote will egg you on to be inspired in a way that only a sophisticated pidge knows how.

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