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Prints, Files & NFTs

Prints & Print Downloads of my artwork

If you see a particular artwork that interests you on my site, it's very likely I can prepare a custom print of it. Alternatively, I can sell you a high-quality print file that you can bring to your local print shop. In either case, please let me know which piece you are interested in, and the print option + size that interests you!

Listed NFTs

If you are not familiar, an NFT (non-fungible tokens) is a cryptocurrency-based, transferrable asset that can be minted and resold. Essentially, it's a certificate or record of ownership of a given art piece. 

Custom Minting

If you see something on my site that you like, I can also create an NFT by request (provided I haven't already sold an exclusive version). Just describe the artwork to me and we can discuss pricing and parameters. See below for a guide on showing me which work you are interested in.

Letting me know which artwork you are interested in (3 options):

1. Describe the image or title of the work and what gallery it's in.

2. You can either share the image link with me (instructions below). 

3. Alternatively, you can right-click and save the image from the site and email it to lucas@lucasgaudette.com if you have trouble describing it.

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