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Mounted Prints

Sizes available from 5x7 inches & up

· dense (black) gator foam core with matte/lustre finish
· lightweight and robust for easy installation
· slick, professional finish & super-portable
· clear plastic tab and felt footings included (for hanging) included
· protective stickers on the rear provide perfect mounting points for tapes, sticky tack, etc

Currently, my prints are available on a black-coloured lightweight dense polystyrene foam core. It's durable (you won't dent it like regular foam), lightweight and ultra-easy to hang. The 0.5cm thickness provides an elegant finished effect that stands on its own in any environment. Installed is a clear plastic hanging tab, and felt feet to ensure a level mounting and also creates a floating effect from the wall.

Let me know which artwork you are interested in and the sizes you are considering, and I'll get back to you with a quote.  Prices start at $50. Other print forms may be available, just ask.

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