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Da Coosletters

(feat. Pidgin Quixote)

(Vector art pigeons, puns & philosophies)

A magical pigeon appeared one day and reminded us to lighten up a bit... The idea of Pidgin Quixote was inspired by a special pigeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. When my friend Tone and I saw this creature, we noticed it had a unique style of approaching the females. He was very careful and patient, choosing the right moments to inch closer to a female beside him on a branch. He didn’t puff out his chest or chase her around. He read the situation,  approaching warmly and honestly. In the end, it landed him the lady! We have since drawn inspiration from this regal bird. He has become a healthy reference point for authentic birds and human living. Pidgin Quixote reminds us to take charge and live bravely in our own individual styles.

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You can also explore the official Pidgin Quixote "Da Peck Deck" mindfulness card game.

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