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I like to stay busy with an array of things. While art has been a mainstay throughout my life, I have always been in the habit of expanding my skills, immersing myself in various activities with a diverse clientele. As such, my work life has been colourful.

I consider myself a polymath. This is a person that seeks variety as they cycle through a multitude of activities and interests with the intent to build skills and experience by observing the relationships between different studies, trades, creative pursuits and practices. Therefore, I try to bring all of my experiences to the table in a holistic approach when assisting someone. Be it solving a problem or a creative endeavour; I think it's essential to be genuine and thorough as this is also an exercise in self-expression.

I like to design, invent, build, modify, repair, write, refine, finesse, problem-solve, consult, organize, plan, and express things with elegance and simplicity.  I have a skill and propensity for almost anything I am drawn to do. Conversely, it becomes quite a challenge if I'm not interested. When I respond to a request for help, I must weigh the opportunity against my desire to maintain a balanced set of activities in my life. Since any activity requires time and focus, I have always believed that it's good (and wise) to consider these opportunities carefully.

Being asked, "what do you do?" can be one of the most challenging questions for me to try and answer.  I would often prefer to ask, "well, what do you need?"

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