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The Cheeky Oracle v3.5

Pencil on paper, digitally coloured & edited  w/ creative writing.

Do you find yourself pondering a life situation, perhaps even longing for a bit of fresh inspiration? You might do well to get some cheeky perspective! If you are not familiar with the idea of Tarot or oracle cards, it’s a deck of fortune cookie-type messages. However, instead of attempting to predict your future, these cards are aimed at offering you mindful perspectives for any aspect of your life. You can use the free online version that you can make use of this very minute! Think upon a subject you are pondering, hold it in your mind, and then tap the button to flip a card. Wait just a moment...and a provocative message will appear before your eyes!

The latest paper deck version v3.6 will be available soon in limited quantities. Over the years there have been many updates and changes to the deck and each one is unique and wonderful in its own way. For a while, I hadn’t been able to print any physical decks due to content restrictions with online printers, but I have found a new partner and it’s all systems go! 

Pre-order now with Paypal (you can also use debit/credit) or you can email me at lucas@lucasgaudette.com for other billing options! I plan to be sending decks out by May 1. This full-size deck (3×5 inches) will be available at $65 each (includes shipping).

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